Celebrating Rimu Marketing’s 5th birthday

As the song says “Oh what a night”!

On Thursday 25th April about 40 guests joined together to celebrate Rimu Marketing’s 5th birthday. A charity fund raising network event in aid of Smart Works Reading, hosted at the brilliant Roof Space at Brand Potential. The venue was perfect, decorated and all set to host an evening of wisdom, sparkle and celebration. The evening was a huge success with a buzz in the room and the air of excitement evident. I am delighted to say that we also managed to raise just under £700! A fantastic achievement.

We had three brilliant speakers to entertain us during the evening: Nicki Bass from Resilience at Work; Kittie Walker from Avidmode and Tabitha Beaven from Light Mind.

Nicki talked us through how to build our resilience in the work place through adventure, she talked us through the Mental Wellbeing “5 a day” Model. This model looked at building resilience through:

  • Connecting with people.
  • Being mindful in all that you do wether at home or work.
  • Continuing to learn and expand your horizons.
  • Being active.
  • Giving to others.

Kittie then went on to explain more about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Taking us on a very whistle stop tour of where to start with this complex subject, she talked us through:

  • Understanding your target audience.
  • Building a good website with a clear customer journey and technically working well eg: mobile responsive.
  • Creating great content that people want to share and engage with.

Tabitha then got us all singing! Easy you say but most of us were filled with fear and trepidation at the thought. A brilliant exercise to demonstrate how to overcome the fear mindset we all felt and got us thinking a lot. Thank goodness no one thought to record us!

The evening concluded with Padma Knowles from Smart Works Reading saying a few words about the great work that the charity does to help support women to get back into work. They achieve this by providing interview coaching and an outfit to make them feel amazing in.

A particular big thank you must also go to Hardip Pabla from Perfect Lovely Cakes who did an amazing job on the cakes, they tasted as good as they look and also Angela Batten for the catering.

A massive thank you to everyone who supported us, it means a lot to me and good fun was had by all!

Here is what some of our guests had to say:

“Many congratulations to Sophie on Rimu Marketing reaching it’s five year milestone. An excellent achievement and always heartening to see small businesses succeed and continue to grow in such a competitive business environment. The 5th birthday party celebration evening was a similar success and brought together a host of different personalities from all walks of business life, many of whom were clients, as well as three interesting and fun presentations which seemed to hit the spot perfectly for an event of this nature.

From my personal perspective, as one of only three men present at the event, it felt like I was transported into a ‘Women in Business’ event and it was really interesting to see the camaraderie and friendship of all the women present. Their desire to work together and share ideas and contacts shone through and may well be a contributory factor in their ongoing success – and all very friendly to me as an imposter!!

Well done again Sophie, keep up the good work and best wishes for the ongoing success of Rimu Marketing. Oh and by the way, I promise I’ll write some more articles for Watto’sWords so we can further develop all the excellent work that you and your team have done for me.”

Andrew Watson, Guest

“Tabitha, I just wanted to say thank you for your talk at the Rimu Marketing event last night. I thought alot about what you said and this morning I have made two phone calls I was absolutely dreading – and all was fine! I probably would not have picked up the phone had I not heard you speak , but now I feel like a weight has lifted, so thank you again.

Jane, Guest

“Sophie invited me to Rimu Marketing’s 5th Birthday Celebrations. It was a fabulous opportunity to learn more about Sophie, her business and the people she works with. Each of the three speakers were different, but totally inspirational and original. Perfect for what was a thoroughly enjoyable business milestone occasion. Congratulations, Sophie!”

Lindsay McLoughlin, Regional Director, Athena Network

“Congratulations on a lovely event and 5 year milestone Sophie. So nice to see the room filled with everyone wishing you well.”

Tad Duthart, Guest

“It was a really lovely event and all of your speakers were absolutely amazing! Loved the singing (can’t believe I said that). Congratulations on your 5 year birthday.”

Laura Harris, Guest

Sophie Comas

A highly successful self-motivated and results driven, senior marketing professional. My passion lies within developing and delivering marketing solutions which make a difference in today's complex digital market place. A marketeer with a strong academic background and broad ranging level of experience working with small businesses and in the travel and hospitality sector, across the Thames Valley, I love a challenge!

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