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In every business, there is always a desire to gain more clients, generate more revenue or engage more effectively with your customers. This is not always easy. What works? Where should I start? What impression am I making? What should I focus on? What media should I use? These are all great questions we regularly hear from clients. You love what you do and don’t really want to spend time away from that.

At RIMU Marketing we believe that the customer is at the heart of everything, whether it be sales, marketing or simply the delivery of your product or service. Doing something your customer wants will automatically help drive your business. We then need to make sure they know about it.

As marketing strategists, we can help support the small business owner in several ways, whether you are looking for a part-time marketing director, some guidance, marketing coaching to help you get started or to join one of our great marketing workshops, we can help. Marketing works best when the small business owner is committed to the project and ready to invest both in time and with a budget.  That is when the magic starts!

Our marketing approach

Rimu Marketing Evaluation Stage 200x200


As with any good fairy tale, you start at the beginning. It is here that you learn about the challenges, difficulties and adversities that the hero must overcome. The same is true for your business. At RIMU Marketing, we believe in a clear understanding of WHAT you are trying to achieve.  WHO is your target audience? And HOW you communicate with them? Will lead to greater results. We love really getting under the skin of individual business challenges during our marketing strategy immersion sessions.

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Through working with one of our marketing strategists, once we have identified where you want to take your business and what your customers are looking for, we can develop your individual business marketing plan to take you there. The marketing plan is, in essence, your road map to achieving those goals. The plan lets you know what you are doing and when. It will traditionally include a summary of media, timings, distribution and budget.

Rimu Marketing Implement Stage


Once we have established our plan, we can implement it! Working with a great team of carefully selected marketing associates, we can help with all aspects of the marketing mix, including: designing and deploying your email marketing campaigns; copy writing for all marketing material; helping you draft your social media plan; conducting market research; build your websiteadvertisingPR plus much more.

Rimu Marketing Analyse Stage 200x200


It is important to understand your marketing activity's performance and simply do more of what works and less of what does not.  In today's digital world we have lots of metrics at our fingertips to assess success eg: we can easily understand our social media channel engagement, likes or follows; or track email marketing performance through open rates, click throughs or bookings.  To review your marketing activity performance is a vital final part in the marketing process.

Why Choose Us?

RIMU Marketing will provide:

A professional and collaborative approach to your marketing.

A confidential consultancy with tailored marketing solutions for your business.

A network of carefully selected marketing associates to help support your business, all experts in their field.

Someone who explores your individual business challenges and helps you identify the best way to engage with your customers.

An eye for detail.

Committed to achieving excellent results.

A passion for finding the right marketing solution for your business.

Take a look at some of our services:

Rimu Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Your strategy is the foundation of all your marketing.

Rimu Marketing Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A key tool, to keep you front of mind with your customers.

Rimu Marketing Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Good content enables us to successfully engage with our clients.

Rimu Marketing Social Media

Social Media

Enables you to start a conversation with your customers.

Rimu Marketing PR 200x200

Public Relations

Effectively communicating with your target audience.

Helping your business flourish with successful marketing solutions.