Our brand story

Discover the story behind Rimu Marketing.

So, how did Rimu Marketing come about? Simply, it was after a conversation with friend of mine who was building her reflexology business. I was ready for a new challenge, I loved marketing, but wanted a flexible working solution to work around my family. My friend needed some help in driving awareness of her business and gaining more clients, Facebook was kind of working but was in the process of changing, so the business that was being generated had just dropped hugely. What else could she do with a limited marketing budget? I offered some thoughts and things went from there, I did my first marketing strategy then and the business has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Today, Rimu Marketing’s core ethos is very much about helping those passionate and committed small business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level. It might not be just about getting more clients, driving more revenue or engaging more effectively with their clients, it could also be reviewing their brand image or expanding their proposition. This is where we can help. We offer marketing support right the way across the marketing mix, for us the real reward is the “light bulb moment” when our clients see the marketing work for them and they get the results we are wanting to achieve and they can see their business grow.

Our business has grown too and I am really proud of what we have achieved. We now work with a passionate group of associates who are all experts in their field, enabling us to truly become your one stop shop for your marketing needs. The core element that unites us all is our drive and passion to help produce excellent marketing solutions for all of our small business clients we work with.

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Sophie x

Founder, Rimu Marketing

What’s in a name?

Lot’s of people ask me where the name “Rimu Marketing” comes from? Rimu is a hard wood from New Zealand. So what is the connection to Marketing? I love the design of the inside of the wood, you will see it reflected in our logo and across our website.  When thinking about a business name I wanted something which took the lead from nature.  The tree symbolises the idea of setting routes and foundations for your organisation - enabling your business to flourish with successful results focused marketing.