Public Relations (PR)

Effectively communicating with your target audience.

Once your website, blog, email marketing and social media (we call this harvest media) are all working together effectively and smoothly often you want to drive further awareness of your business to a wider target audience. Public Relations (PR) is a very effective tool in achieving this.

What is Public Relations (PR)?

Simply PR is the way you engage with the media. We’ll use our connections to work on your launches, award applications, sponsorship needs, events, media relations and promotions so that you get the exposure you need.  We can focus on either national or regional publications; in either an online or print media capacity.

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Why do I need PR?

PR is a really key tool to help widen the reach of your key brand messages. It should really always be part of any marketing campaign and done in the right way can achieve great coverage which will help drive brand awareness of your small business. Editorial coverage can also be used to help explain a little bit more about how you can help your potential customer.

How can we help?

At RIMU Marketing we can can help you, the small business owner to:

Identify your key message that is going to appeal to both the media and your target audience.

Help you draft your press release.

Design any required creative or source relevant images to support your message.

Follow up with the media and sell your story into the publication.

Helping your business flourish with successful marketing solutions.