Do you want to grow your business?
Communicate with your clients more effectively?
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If the answer is yes, then Rimu Marketing can help. Rimu Marketing is headed up by Sophie Comas, a freelance marketing consultant with over 18 years of experience in marketing and running a small business. Sophie brings together a team of carefully selected marketing experts and associates, who can help implement marketing services across the full marketing mix and who are passionate about helping small to medium size businesses. We can become your virtual marketing team helping you to rebuild and review your website; write your marketing strategy; build your email marketing campaigns; review and plan your social media marketing and and help you plan your content, plus much more.

Defining and understanding your customer is at the heart of all successful marketing. Once you understand your customers’ needs, challenges, behaviour, aspirations and attitudes, you start to set yourself apart from the competition. Without truly understanding your customer, the impact is often ineffective marketing or expensive mistakes either in media selection or developing creative which does not appeal to your audience. It is worth investing in this at the beginning, for successful results driven marketing solutions.

We can support businesses in a number of ways, whether you are looking for a part-time marketing director, a marketing mentor to help get you started or you wish to join one of our marketing workshops, get in touch to discover more.

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Some words from our clients

Sophie can develop a strategy and deliver the detail which is rare to find.

Rupert Beeby - Managing Director - Guardian Technologies, Southampton

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