Marketing Coaching

Supporting you to develop successful results focused marketing campaigns.

At Rimu Marketing we are here to help ensure your business flourishes through successful, results driven marketing solutions. This help and support can come in different ways. We can support a small business owner by inviting them to join one of our marketing workshops; we can work on a retainer basis as your in house marketing director to implement your marketing for you; or work with them in a mentoring capacity to help coach the small business owner to get to where they wish to quickly.

Sometimes you wish to learn the principles of marketing for yourself and implement things your way. This is where our coaching and mentoring package comes in.

We would start by building your marketing strategy with you so that you knew; what you were trying to achieve; who you wished to speak to and what you needed to do to make that happen. Once we have defined your marketing strategy we would then work with a client over an agreed period of time, generally 3-6-months to help guide and support you in the implementation process of achieving your goals. As your marketing mentor we would:

  • Be there to answer or explain any marketing questions you have.
  • Work to show you the most effective marketing solutions.
  • Act as a sounding board to help you build and develop your creative to resonate with your ideal client.
  • Hold you accountable to ensure that your marketing is implemented in the timescales we agree.
  • Help you keep to your agreed budget and help you to understand the success of your marketing activity.

Helping your business flourish with successful marketing solutions.