Email Marketing

Introducing your Ideal Client

Ideal Client

We conducted research at the end of 2018, to understand more about the marketing challenges faced by small businesses in the Thames Valley.  We had a great response and there was an overwhelming message, the key challenges small businesses faced was that they needed to find more clients. In fact over 90% of respondents said…

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9 email marketing tips for effective newsletters

Email Marketing Tips

In today’s digital world we are bombarded by emails.  In fact the Radicati Group in February 2017 estimated the number of email accounts worldwide was 3.7 billion and projected that the number of emails sent per day would average a staggering 269 billion. Either way you look at this, there are a lot of emails being…

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What small businesses need to know about GDPR

GDPR for small businesses

The impact of GDPR for small businesses is definitely this year’s hot topic as there seems to still be confusion over what action is required and the impact it will have. The general principle behind the regulation of giving people back ownership and responsibility for their data makes sense, I think we would all welcome…

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9 Essential Small Business 2018 Marketing Trends!

January is without doubt a time for new beginnings, thinking about what you would like to achieve in the year ahead; but also a time for reflection, thinking about how your business performed in 2017.  Understanding what small business 2018 marketing trends are coming up and how they may influence your business will be really…

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Back to school – a Digital Marketing refresh!

Digital marketing

In today’s digital marketing world things move fast, buyer decisions are made quicker and customers expect faster responses to questions and queries than ever before. I have worked in marketing for nearly 20yrs, things change so quickly, especially within the digital marketing arena,  it had been a while since I had studied anything formally so…

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What makes a good email subject line?

Email Subject Line

When it comes to getting your emails opened, an effective email subject line is one of the most important factors. Think about it – all your hard work in crafting the perfect email will go to waste if no one reads it! A good subject line will entice more people to open your emails, help…

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