Market Research

How to keep up with changing small business trends

The digital world around us is moving at an ever increasing pace, we need to think about the best way to not only keep up with changes in small business trends, changes to our industry but also those within the marketing industry, successful marketing is such a vital part of running a business. If we…

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Introducing your Ideal Client

We conducted research at the end of 2018, to understand more about the marketing challenges faced by small businesses in the Thames Valley.  We had a great response and there was an overwhelming message, the key challenges small businesses faced was that they needed to find more clients. In fact over 90% of respondents said…

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Meet your ultimate target audience

I was fortunate enough to visit Barcelona at the end of January, a fantastic city, well worth a visit if you have not been.  We were lucky enough to stay at one of Marriott’s Autograph hotels, a brand that “celebrates boutique hotels which are unique in design and thoughtful in spirit” (their words not mine).  The service…

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