Marketing Workshops

Introducing your Ideal Client

Ideal Client

We conducted research at the end of 2018, to understand more about the marketing challenges faced by small businesses in the Thames Valley.  We had a great response and there was an overwhelming message, the key challenges small businesses faced was that they needed to find more clients. In fact over 90% of respondents said…

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How to manage brands online – 7 steps to success

Brands Online

By Michelle Quickfall Taking a planned approach to managing your digital profile or monitoring the impression of brands online can help support your business objectives.   The benefits of building your digital profile are broad but situations where it is particularly relevant include: if you are trying to attract new talent; creating or raising your…

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Using digital channels to help drive Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is about building relationships, sharing your purpose with others and achieving a defined goal. Leaders inspire, develop and attract the best talent and set the business vision whilst interacting with others.  The digital world has changed the way we build relationships and engage with our teams or customers, bringing challenges and new possibilities…

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What makes a good email subject line?

Email Subject Line

When it comes to getting your emails opened, an effective email subject line is one of the most important factors. Think about it – all your hard work in crafting the perfect email will go to waste if no one reads it! A good subject line will entice more people to open your emails, help…

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Driving your business forward with social media

Q4 business.

Autumn is very firmly here, although we are have been really lucky to be enjoy some late summer sunshine, I hope that everyone is now settled back to normality post the lovely summer holidays. This month I was really fortunate to attend the CIM Digital Summit at the British Museum and got some great inspiration.  Further to…

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