Time for a Technology Holiday?

In today’s world we rely completely on technology, but when technology does not work it feels like you have lost your right arm.

I recently have been in the unfortunate position where my laptop has been really temperamental in its working style, sometimes it was like a Ferrari and worked smoothly, sleekly and perfectly; other times it was like trying to drag an old Ford Fiesta through the mud.  Luckily I found someone who I hope has been able to fix it but not without having to go through the 3 months of wondering why people keep saying to me – did you get my email?  You have not responded or having to wait for 20 minutes to visit a website because my laptop decides it is having a tea break.  Not literally you understand, although the thought of chucking a cup of tea over my laptop was a consideration at one particularly frustrating point – I decided it would be a waste of tea.

The lack of a laptop though has made me think.  In some ways it is terrible, no email, no access to the internet and no social media access, none of which are good when you work in Marketing.  As a small business owner this is particularly frustrating as you do not have an IT department you can call upon to come and help fix the problem.   That said there were some advantages to the challenge, it meant that I had to re-connect with people and pick up the phone to speak to someone rather than dropping them an email – it was really nice to catch up with friends, family and clients.   I plan to continue with this.  It also gave me an opportunity to catch up with some of the things on my to do list that I kept putting on the back burner.

Thank goodness for networking, as through my colleagues and piers I had two recommendations, from totally different places, for a business who would be able to help me, with all things IT.  They are www.crackingit.co.uk – perfect for your small business IT needs.

So, all in all I have concluded that life today is really depended on technology when it works, frustrating when it does not, but kind of nice to sometimes (even if forced upon you) to take a short holiday from it.

Normal service I hope will resume from next week, in the meantime I am off for a run to enjoy my enforced break away from my desk.

Have a good weekend!

Sophie Comas

A highly successful self-motivated and results driven, senior marketing professional. My passion lies within developing and delivering marketing solutions which make a difference in today's complex digital market place. A marketeer with a strong academic background and broad ranging level of experience working with small businesses and in the travel and hospitality sector, across the Thames Valley, I love a challenge!

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