7 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Audience

By Sophie Comas / June 9, 2023

Faced with an ever-changing digital landscape, investing time in building an online audience is important for any small business owner. But building the right audience is key. With this in mind, many small business owners often ask us, “How can I grow my social media audience?” Our survey also reflected this question at the beginning…

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IT Guidance For Small Business Owners

By Sophie Comas / May 26, 2023

This month we are delighted that Andy Steer from Vividly Simple has agreed to write a guest blog for us, sharing some great IT guidance for small business owners when considering expansion plans. Thank you for your words of wisdom, Andy. Here is what he had to say . . . A familiar story .…

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6 Ways To Streamline Your Small Business Marketing

By Sophie Comas / May 9, 2023

This month, 15-21 May, is Mental Health Awareness Week, and this year the focus is on anxiety. Anxiety is a normal emotion which can sometimes spiral out of control. Many things can trigger anxiety, perhaps in response to a change in circumstances at home, such as having a baby, setting up a small business or…

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Celebrating RIMU Marketing’s 9th Birthday!

By Sophie Comas / April 7, 2023

“Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency and you will attract much better things.” Rhonda Byrne I cannot believe we are reaching another business milestone, this year, RIMU Marketing celebrates our 9th business birthday. The RIMU Marketing journey started all those years ago with a chance conversation with a friend who was unsure how…

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8 Most Frequently Asked Email Marketing Questions

By Sophie Comas / March 6, 2023

This month we are focusing on email marketing.  Earlier this year, we conducted some research to understand more about some of the challenges our small business audience was facing this year.  Not surprisingly, there were some great questions in there like:  “How do I find more clients?”, “How do I increase my visibility?” and “Where do I focus…

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6 Small Business Marketing Ideas on a Budget

By Sophie Comas / February 8, 2023

We recently conducted some research amongst small business owners to discover what they thought their biggest marketing challenge was in 2023.  It is something we do every year as a way of keeping connected to our clients and a wider audience, the results were insightful and will help shape some of the content that I plan…

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