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Social media is unquestionably a really key part of business today, but in particular for a small/ medium size business, many of my clients are either overwhelmed or just simply don’t know where to start.  Social media is not complicated, but it can be timing consuming and if your efforts are focused in the wrong direction then they can also be unsuccessful.  Here are some top tips to help get you started, read on to claim your FREE Social Media Planning Tool:

  1. Choose the social media networks which are where your customers are, start with one network and do that well, then move onto the next, etc.
  1. Profile: Make sure your profiles are up to date, complete and accurately reflect your business.
  1. Decide upon a plan! There is nothing worse than sitting at your desk, staring at the screen and thinking what on earth do I write?  So think and plan in advance what you are going to say, there is lots of inspiration out there!  Think about what is happening in the news, your industry, colleagues or other businesses.
  1. Implement the plan, once you have decided what you want to say, say it. Make it as visual as you can – the old saying of “Pictures speak a thousand words” is so true.  Don’t forget hashtags and to connect in relevant businesses.
  1. Test and learn: always review if something has worked or not, what are your metrics?  What does success look like for you?
  1. Automation: Once you get going why not use one of the scheduling tools available to help you get organised, some great ones are Hootsuite, Buffer, Tweet Deck, plus many more!
  1. Enjoy! Finally have fun with it, someone once told me to liken it to visiting a garden party – it is so true, enjoy interacting with your audience.

If you would like some help in planning your social media strategy to help keep your business going over the summer please do get in touch and email me at:  Or CLICK HERE to sign up to my newsletter and receive your FREE Social Media Planning tool, to help get you started.


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