Email Marketing Master Class



As a small business owner, are you keen to understand how email marketing can help drive your business forward?  Understand how it works alongside your other marketing channels and fits within the wider marketing mix?  What are the best subject lines to help drive engagement?

If you would like some help in getting started then this email marketing master class is for you.  Packed full of good insights and information about the thinking behind great email marketing, you can watch our 45-minute webinar at your leisure.  Included with our master class is our e-book with notes to remind you of the key points.  In our email marketing master class we will cover:

Understand how email marketing fits into the marketing landscape.

Share five strategies for successful email marketing, including:

  1. Setting the scene. Understanding what key things you need to think about before you get started.
  2. Tips on how to build your email list.
  3. Understand the customer journey and what part email marketing plays within this process.
  4. Understanding what engaging content and creative looks like.
  5. Measuring Success


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