Email Marketing

A key tool to engage with your clients in today’s digital world.

Email marketing is a core part of today’s digital marketing mix, it should compliment and work along side your blog or social media strategies.  So whether you need some help getting started; segmenting and cleaning an existing base; engaging better with your client base or ensuring you are compliant with the new data regulations, we can help.

What is Email Marketing?

Everyone receives multiple emails on a daily basis, but good email marketing means that your clients wish to engage with you and even look forward to hearing from you. The challenge is how you cut through the clutter to interact with your clients.

Why do I need Email Marketing?

In today’s digital world where we are bombarded with many messages, email marketing is still a great way for small businesses to continually engage with their customer base and to remind them that you are there and how you can help them. In fact most marketers claim to achieve nearly 40:1 ROI, with this return, definitely a tool to focus on.

How can we help you?

We can support you, the small business owner, in a number of ways, depending upon your individual requirements:

  • Content Planning: Helping you to decide what to say and when to say it via your email communications.
  • Design: Helping you to design your newsletter template to be visually impactful and ensure that your communications achieve cut through in a busy cluttered environment.
  • Implementation: We can set up and implement your email marketing campaigns.
  • Performance:  Understanding how your marketing performs is critical to a results driven campaign.  With email marketing the great things is that this information is fairly instant and generally within about four hours you can assess the impact.  We can help you make sense of the figures and also help you to improve performance.
  • Training: we run regular training sessions for our clients to help them manage this really key tool for themselves.

Helping your business flourish with successful marketing solutions.