Content Ideas for Small Businesses

By Sophie Comas / July 3, 2020

A frequent conversation I have with my clients is around deciding “What content should I share?” or “What content would my audience find interesting?”. There are many choices and without a doubt, “Content is king” in today’s digital marketing world. Getting the right content balance that explains your business proposition, resonates with your audience, and…

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7-steps to create a small business content strategy

By Sophie Comas / June 19, 2020

A phrase which is commonly used in today’s digital marketing world is that – “Content is king”.  Today marketing has moved from being a push activity to one of engagement and sharing of useful information to show how you could help to solve your target audience’s pain points and challenges.  Research today shows that there are over…

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6 tips on how to write successful email subject lines

By Sophie Comas / June 3, 2020

As a small business owner email marketing is a gift.  You can speak directly to your audience, you have control of the data (as long as you adhere to GDPR regulations) and you have space to start the conversation.  Done in the right way it can help to not only continue the conversation with your clients, retaining…

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GDPR – 2 years on!

By Sophie Comas / May 18, 2020

Its nearly 2 years ago since the new GDPR regulations came into force on 25th May 2018. We were delighted that Louise Hickman from Trusted Compliance Solutions was able to update us on where we have got to and how things have changed over the last 2 years – thank you Louise for the guest…

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Small Business Tips – supporting business in lockdown

By Sophie Comas / May 1, 2020

We find ourselves in uncertain, challenging and unprecedented times. No one really knows what will happen next, when things will start to return to “normal” or even what the new “normal” will look like. I saw a great debate recently which asked “Which parts of ‘normal’ do you wish to maintain?”, personally, there are things…

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Direct marketing – is it dead in a digital world?

By Sophie Comas / April 14, 2020

This is an interesting question and a conversation I often have with my clients. Is direct marketing still a valid route to market? What results could you expect? I would argue yes. In a digital age where we find ourselves bombarded with messages on a daily basis via email, ads and our social media channels,…

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