7 tips to drive small business growth

By Sophie Comas / September 7, 2020

I love September. It always has that back to school feeling and the idea of a fresh start. A perfect time to refocus, reset and review what area of small business growth you need to work on. Is it too early to talk about Christmas? Generally, planning at this time of year does include thinking…

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10 tips on how to grow your Instagram following

By Sophie Comas / August 31, 2020

This month we are focusing on social media and sharing some hints and tips to help you grow your following. With this in mind I am delighted that Alanah Light, founder of Light Social has agreed to share her words of wisdom, on how to grow your Instagram following, here is what she had to…

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Marketing Glossary – for small business owners

By Sophie Comas / August 6, 2020

When I start to work with a new client, I am passionate about how we promote their business and lots of ideas get generated. Often in my enthusiasm I start to use lots of marketing jargon. One thing I often say to my clients is, please stop me if I use terms that don’t make…

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4 Social Media Updates Coming this Summer

By Sophie Comas / July 16, 2020

Guest blog post by Polly Reed In the ever-changing world of social media, it can feel like changes happen overnight that can be easily missed. Keeping up-to-date with the new tools and social media updates across the platforms is essential for making the most of them for your small business. In this week’s guest blog,…

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Content Ideas for Small Businesses

By Sophie Comas / July 3, 2020

A frequent conversation I have with my clients is around deciding “What content should I share?” or “What content would my audience find interesting?”. There are many choices and without a doubt, “Content is king” in today’s digital marketing world. Getting the right content balance that explains your business proposition, resonates with your audience, and…

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7-steps to create a small business content strategy

By Sophie Comas / June 19, 2020

A phrase which is commonly used in today’s digital marketing world is that – “Content is king”.  Today marketing has moved from being a push activity to one of engagement and sharing of useful information to show how you could help to solve your target audience’s pain points and challenges.  Research today shows that there are over…

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