Effective Leadership

Using digital channels to help drive Effective Leadership

By Sophie Comas / June 8, 2018

Effective leadership is about building relationships, sharing your purpose with others and achieving a defined goal. Leaders inspire, develop and attract the best talent and set the business vision whilst interacting with others.  The digital world has changed the way we build relationships and engage with our teams or customers, bringing challenges and new possibilities…

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Client Case Study: Guardian Technologies

Client Case Study: Guardian Technologies

By Sophie Comas / May 23, 2018

At Rimu Marketing we work with a number of inspirational small businesses across a diverse range of sectors. We wanted to share a recent client case study to illustrate some of the projects we have worked on recently with one of our clients, Guardian Technologies.  We have worked with Guardian Technologies for about 18-months and…

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What is a digital footprint?

What is a digital footprint? And how do you use it to become a talent magnet?

By Sophie Comas / May 18, 2018

Today, more than ever we live in a digital world.  We use the internet for everything, booking a restaurant; finding out the address of the local florist; communicating with friends and family; and yes also in our search for a new job or recruiting for one.  So, what is a digital footprint?  Simply, it is the…

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Marketing Analysis

The joy of Marketing Statistics – A Small Business guide to Market Research

By Sophie Comas / April 30, 2018

This week we are delighted to invite our resident marketing research guru Michelle Quickfall to tell us a bit more about how important it is to understand your marketing statistics for a small business, here is what she had to say:  At Rimu Marketing we talk a lot about understanding and defining your ideal client. …

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Radio Marketing

The power of Radio Marketing!

By Sophie Comas / April 20, 2018

On Friday 6 April I was delighted to join Melissa Gale on the Marlow FM Biz Buzz programme. This got me thinking, about the future of more traditional forms of media such as press advertising, TV, radio and outdoor eg: billboards and bus stops, etc.  When I first qualified with the CIM on my marketing…

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Rimu Marketing's 4th Birthday

Celebrating Rimu Marketing's 4th Birthday!

By Sophie Comas / April 10, 2018

I cannot believe that this month we celebrate Rimu Marketing’s 4th birthday. When I think back to those early days and what we have achieved, we have come a long way and what a journey it has been.  Most importantly, we have met and worked with a number of inspirational and very successful small business…

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