Is your small business beach ready?

By Sophie Comas / July 25, 2018

The summer holidays are pretty much upon us, whether you are trying to juggle family commitments over the next 6-weeks or if you are just trying to work around your client’s reduced time in the office, demand for your product or services may slow down.  I get asked quite a lot how as a small…

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The image is king; a guide to using images in business blogs

By Sophie Comas / July 12, 2018

We are delighted to welcome our guest blogger and professional photographer, Jodie Humphries to explain why images are so important in your business blog and share her top tips.  Here is what Jodie had to say: You might have heard the saying ‘content is King’, but as professional photographer and blogger, I would go one…

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Brands Online

How to manage brands online – 7 steps to success

By Sophie Comas / June 29, 2018

By Michelle Quickfall Taking a planned approach to managing your digital profile or monitoring the impression of brands online can help support your business objectives.   The benefits of building your digital profile are broad but situations where it is particularly relevant include: if you are trying to attract new talent; creating or raising your…

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Windsor Horse Show Sponsorship

Case Study: Land Rover's Sponsorship of Windsor Horse Show

By Sophie Comas / June 14, 2018

This year I was lucky enough to visit Windsor Horse Show. I love horses and was lucky to grow up with these beautiful animals, I consider myself to be a horse woman although I don’t currently own one or ride as regularly as I would like. Windsor Horse Show is an amazing event and one…

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Effective Leadership

Using digital channels to help drive Effective Leadership

By Sophie Comas / June 8, 2018

Effective leadership is about building relationships, sharing your purpose with others and achieving a defined goal. Leaders inspire, develop and attract the best talent and set the business vision whilst interacting with others.  The digital world has changed the way we build relationships and engage with our teams or customers, bringing challenges and new possibilities…

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Client Case Study: Guardian Technologies

Client Case Study: Guardian Technologies

By Sophie Comas / May 23, 2018

At Rimu Marketing we work with a number of inspirational small businesses across a diverse range of sectors. We wanted to share a recent client case study to illustrate some of the projects we have worked on recently with one of our clients, Guardian Technologies.  We have worked with Guardian Technologies for about 18-months and…

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