Client Case Study

Client Case Study: Watto’sWords

By Sophie Comas / October 31, 2018

At Rimu Marketing we work with a number of inspirational small businesses across a diverse range of sectors on a variety of projects.  We are delighted that Andrew from Watto’sWord has agreed to star in our most recent case study, to discover more please read on. About the Business: Andrew the voice behind Watto’s Words…

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Laptop Monday

Laptop Monday – Launches in Windsor!

By Sophie Comas / October 30, 2018

When I left the corporate world I was surprised to discover that I loved working for myself.  I love the diversity of work – no one there to tell me I could not do something as it was not part of my job description.  I loved the flexibility which it gave me, so I could…

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To Network? Or not to Network? That is the question

By Sophie Comas / October 12, 2018

Photo Credit: Joanne Tolner Photography When I set up my business nearly 5 yrs ago I had just left the corporate world. I was trying it out on my own and not sure really where to start.  One of the best pieces of advice someone gave me was “to fill your diary with network events”.  Go…

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Customer Loyalty

How important is customer loyalty for a small business?

By Sophie Comas / September 28, 2018

I recently had an interesting experience when renewing my home insurance.  Now like many I watch the programmes on television which advise you to shop around and over the last few years I had been lazy.  Being busy running a business and home I had not taken the time to review my home insurance.  Well…

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Money Talks – How to interpret your marketing metrics

By Sophie Comas / September 14, 2018

Guest Blog by Michelle Quickfall – Freelance Marketing Consultant We know when our clients decide to invest their hard earned money, they usually wish to understand ‘What return will I get?’ and investing in your business is no different. However, the fundamental question can sometimes be lost in business, marketing or accounting jargon and as…

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Marketing Expert

Introducing our Founder – Sophie Comas

By Sophie Comas / August 31, 2018

Photo Credit: Photography by Abi Moore The marketing industry is changing at a far greater pace than ever before.  For any small business it is a challenge to keep on top of the changes and to work out the best way to invest their budget, time and focus.  With this in mind we are delighted…

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