Email marketing – a guide for small businesses

By Sophie Comas / July 8, 2021

I recently had an interesting conversation with a small business owner, who did not want to bother with email marketing and did not understand the value. It was an interesting view and one that confused me slightly. Email marketing for small businesses is like a gift and in our “Email marketing – a guide for…

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11 Reasons Your Small Service-Based Business Needs a CRM

By Sophie Comas / June 25, 2021

We were delighted to invite Julia Blake from Blake Consultants to talk to us about CRM systems, explaining what they are and why we need one, regardless of our business size. Here is what Julia had to say: There’s an old-fashioned perception that Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) are digital behemoths for huge organisations, requiring massive…

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Where can I find my target audience?

By Sophie Comas / June 10, 2021

This time of year, is a great time of year to review your business performance and dust off the marketing strategy you wrote back in January, to see if you are on track or need to make some changes. Two things which underpins all good marketing activity is to understand your target audience and “Where…

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Building business relationships – do you have a networking strategy?

By Sophie Comas / May 26, 2021

“It’s not what you know but who you know . . . .”  Even in today’s digital world, this phrase is still so true! For many small business owners, networking alongside other marketing tools such as social media, email marketing and writing a blog are key parts in building and growing their business. Building a network…

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The art of colour psychology

By Sophie Comas / May 11, 2021

This month we are delighted to invite Alison Joshi from “JWJ Design” to explain a little more about the art of colour psychology. Alison is a brilliant graphic designer who works with small business owners to help them set up and establish their brand logo and identity. Here is what she had to say about…

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Time saving marketing tips for small businesses!

By Sophie Comas / April 27, 2021

I haven’t got time to do marketing! Marketing takes time, but recently quite a few of my clients have been saying to me that they do not have time to do any marketing and I get it!. As a small business owner you often just want to focus on doing what you do best, unfortunately,…

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