Time for a Technology Holiday?

By Sophie Comas / October 23, 2015

In today’s world we rely completely on technology, but when technology does not work it feels like you have lost your right arm. I recently have been in the unfortunate position where my laptop has been really temperamental in its working style, sometimes it was like a Ferrari and worked smoothly, sleekly and perfectly; other…

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Driving your business forward with social media

By Sophie Comas / October 5, 2015

Autumn is very firmly here, although we are have been really lucky to be enjoy some late summer sunshine, I hope that everyone is now settled back to normality post the lovely summer holidays. This month I was really fortunate to attend the CIM Digital Summit at the stunning British Museum and got some great inspiration.  Further to…

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Getting re-focused on your business marketing for Autumn!

By Sophie Comas / September 1, 2015

I can’t believe we are back at school already, summer holidays are over and we are back into what I think is the best quarter of the year!  I know that so many of you find the final autumn quarter is when a lot of business gets done, there is a real focus on setting…

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Keeping your business on track over the summer!

By Sophie Comas / July 25, 2015

The last month seems to have flown by, with children, school and work taking an even faster pace than usual, as we head towards the summer holidays, they are finally here! As a Mum and small business owner being able to multi-task is essential, sometimes balls get dropped, hopefully not the important things like forgetting…

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Is your marketing strategy still on track?

By Sophie Comas / June 7, 2015

Following on from our blog last month where we were talking about “Mindfulness” I wanted take another look at our marketing strategy for small businesses.  I know that a lot of businesses will have written their marketing strategy in January and now, half way through the year is a great time to be reviewing how…

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Mindful Small Business Marketing!

By Sophie Comas / April 29, 2015

The concept of “Mindfulness” is everywhere, even Steve Wright (on BBC Radio 2) was interviewing someone on this topic, this week and Goldie Hawn was speaking about her new book about mindfulness with Jonathan Ross a few weeks back. So what is this concept? Well, quite simply I believe it is the idea of being…

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