9 best small business content marketing tips

By Sophie Comas / February 16, 2021

Today’s digital marketing world is all about content. Sharing content. Sharing wisdom and knowledge of your chosen industry or business. Before we get into thinking about our small business content marketing tips, to help drive engagement, leads and ultimately sales, let’s think about what we mean by content marketing. Oxford Languages define content marketing as:…

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Six Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

By Sophie Comas / February 1, 2021

As Valentine’s Day approaches many product based businesses will be thinking about their marketing campaigns. Whilst this year is undoubtably different, we wanted to share with our our six valentine’s day marketing ideas. Before you make a start, it is wise to consider what you are trying to achieve with your campaign? Define what success…

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Small Business Tips – 8 ways to repurpose blog content

By Sophie Comas / January 18, 2021

We talk about it a lot, but in today’s digital world, content has become the foundation of marketing. With small business owners focusing on their business, they do and not necessarily have lots of time to spend on marketing, it makes sense to try to make the most out of what content you create. One…

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Marketing Strategy Check List

By Sophie Comas / January 4, 2021

Happy new year! I think we can say that, although without a doubt this year will continue to present some challenges. It is however, still as important as ever to continue to talk about your small business, but be sensitive to the ever changing landscape. At this time of year, everyone is normally talking about…

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Small Business 2021 Marketing Trends

By Sophie Comas / December 16, 2020

Many were pleased to see the conclusion of 2020 and see in the new year. Without doubt things did were different in 2020 and the predictions we looked at this time last year in our “Small Business Trends for 2020” article did not quite play out, some themes definitely did still play out. Perhaps things…

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2020 A year in review

By Sophie Comas / December 2, 2020

What a year! Where do we start? We wanted to take some time to consider – 2020 A year in review. Who would have predicted this time last year the events that have taken place? I certainly would not. It has been like watching a movie. With so many unprecedented events, even the Oxford Dictionary…

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